Adapting communicative language teaching approach to chinas

Past few years, communicative language teaching (clt) has been a buzzword in china teachers are asked to use a variety of teaching methods to encourage communicative competence of students. Adapting communicative language teaching approach in china to solve this problem, we need to use the clt flexibly, that is to say, we need to adapt clt to china's english teaching context. Chinese learners, a series of communicative english textbooks, in 1979 in 1984, li published “in defense of the communicative approach,” the ”rst article published in elt journal in support of clt. Four teaching methods that have been using prominently in english instruction in china include the grammar-translation method, the audiolingual method, communicative language teaching, and task-based language teaching. Chinese resistance to the communicative language teaching approach is often dismissed as the classic traditional versus modern approach debate.

The clt (communicative language teaching) approach in recent years has become an attractive term to cover a variety of developments in syllabus design and in the methodology of foreign language teaching. This paper first discusses the chinese culture of teaching and learning and then further explores the appropriateness of adopting clt through explorations into the past research on clt in china finally, due to numerous cultural factors and difficulties in adapting clt, this paper suggests an alternative approach by introducing the context approach, before a conclusion is drawn. Mainstream language teaching today is still largely based on the communicative language teaching in most part of the world in the so-called post-methods era in the 1970s the idea of communicative competence was brought out by hymes and the importance of it in second language learning was emphasized. One approach to teaching ells is the communicative approach, also called communicative language teaching, which focuses on teaching language through communication in communicative language.

When communicative language teaching (clt) was first developed in the 1970s, it was widely seen as the definitive response to the shortcomings of previous approaches and the communication needs of a globalized world. In china, in the mid of 1990s, clt has become “a general approach in language teaching and learning” or “a principled communicative approach” rather than a specific method (gong, 1999, p116. Anderson, j (1993) is a communicative approach practical for teaching english in china pros and cons, system, 4, 471–480 google scholar. Communicative language teaching (clt) is advocated by many applied linguists as a common vehicle in china, as reported by liao (2004), sedc (state education development commission), which disillusionment with the grammar translation and audiolingual approaches to foreign language teaching these decades were also the beginning of the.

It investigates the reasons for teaching and learning english in china, delineates the obstacles a communicative approach must overcome, and explains the advantages of using a communicative approach before citing the experiences of foreign teachers in the classroom and reviewing the attitudes of chinese educators with respect to this approach. This paper discusses the implementation of communicative language teaching (clt) methodology within the english-as-a-foreign-language (efl) context in the peoples' republic of china it suggests investigating the context of an english language teaching program first, and then adapting the program to the chinese context in order to more effectively implement the communicative methodology. Chinese language teaching because of the lack of qualified chinese language teachers, curriculum, and professional development capacity (asia society, 2008 duff & lester, 2008) according to wang and kirkpatrick’s (2012) research, english was used as the medium language. Communicative language teaching (clt) has been regarded as one of the ideal teaching approaches by many researchers and practitioners for the past three decades in the field of foreign and second language.

Adapting communicative language teaching approach to chinas

Communicative language teaching in china ajmcintosh communicative language teaching (clt) is regarded as the most significant approach to language teaching to have developed in the late twentieth century, and communicative approach principals continue to influence learning and teaching theories and methods. According to liao (2004), ministries of education in many efl countries adopted the communicative language teaching approach (clt) based on their objectives of developing communicative abilities. Two moroccans travel from france to china on solar power bikes use of technology in communicative language teaching approach (part 2) by el houssaine naaim this variety in adapting. The goal of teaching with this method is to use the language as a medium of communication (adi, 2012)the application of the communicative approach in teaching english as a foreign language, however, is associated with some problems that can cause the method turn out not to be so much successful and the learning outcome not to be efficient enough.

  • Pivotal to teaching chinese as a second language first, the communicative language teaching approach, through which students take an active role in their learning as they.
  • What littlewood has to say: after establishing the widespread use of task based language teaching in east asia (under the umbrella of communicative language teaching), littlewood discusses concerns that have been voiced by teachers struggling to successfully implement tasks.

Many years have passed since the introduction of the communicative language teaching approach in korea, however, despite curriculum reform and passage of time, many remain skeptical of the effectiveness of communicative methodology in the korean english language classroom. Codeswitching in classroom: an adaptation approach wang lin zhejiang gongshang university realize teaching or communicative goals is to adapt the linguistic reality, the teacher’s firstly, chinese is our native language and switching to chinese may shorten the distance between the teacher and students. The term paper on adapting communicative language teaching approach to china’s context communicative language teaching approach (clt) in the early 1990s, a new english teaching method was introduced to china—communicative language teaching approach.

adapting communicative language teaching approach to chinas Communicative language teaching (clt) has probably be-  adapting clt, i will suggest an alternative approach by intro- ducing the context approach (bax, 2003), before a conclusion  chinese to adopt the approach proposed, they would not only have to do more of, better and perhaps a little differently, what.
Adapting communicative language teaching approach to chinas
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