Novel eu3 doped garnet tpye tellurate red emitting phosphor

Abstract transparent glass‐ceramics containing ce3+: y3al5o12 phosphors and eu3+ ions were successfully fabricated by a low‐temperature co‐sintering technique to explore their potential application in white light‐emitting diodes (wleds. A novel blue-emitting phosphor, li3gd3te2o12:tm3+ for white light-emitting diodes (w-leds) was prepared by solid-state synthesis and its structure and luminescence properties were investigated this phosphor shows a satisfactory blue performance (peak at 458 nm) due to the 1d2 → 3f4 transition of tm3+ excited by 361 nm light. Synthesis and luminescent properties of eu 3+ doped na 2 ymg 2 (vo 4) 3 phosphors: li zhong-yuan 1, li yong 2, xia ai-lin 1: 1 school of materials science and engineering, anhui university of technology, maanshan 243002, china. It is the combination of a the advancement of ssl blue led with the yellow yttrium aluminum garnet (yag:ce3+) in a previous paper, we have successfully synthesized the red- phosphor, in which the phosphor absorbs blue light (l 460 nm) emitting la2teo6:eu3+ phosphor (lem ¼ 616 nm. Research publications details of research articles published in peer reviewed journals: 1 svj lakshman and ck jayasankar, slater-condon & spin-orbit parameters for tm 3+ in thulium sulphate, thulium ethyl sulphate & zinc sulphide, indian j of pure and appl phys 18 (12), (1980) 1015-1017 impact factor (if) = 0763 citation index (ci.

The sm 3+ or eu 3+-doped phosphor cannot be efficiently excited by a near ultraviolet or a blue led chip alone, which limits the sm 3+ or eu 3+ single-doped phosphor application in wled. Eu3+ doped and eu3+, yb3+ co-doped gd3ga5o12 phosphors have been developed by facile solid state reaction method which can be easily scaled-up in large quantity probing dual mode emission of eu 3+ in garnet phosphor journal of applied physics 113, 173504 (2013 transfer process for example, as an important type of red-emitting. The novel phosphor k2y2b2o7 doped with europium is studied for its photoluminescence properties the studies show that the phosphor gives strong red emission (pl) at 613?nm related to 5d0-7f2 transition of eu3+ under the 260?nm excitation (ple) related to the charge transfer (ct) from the 2p.

Er3+-doped and er3+-tm3+-co-doped transparent hexagonal nagdf4 glass ceramics are fabricated via melt-quenching method the emissions of er3+-doped nagdf4 glass ceramics are adjusted from the green to red by varying the concentration of tm3+ ion under the excitation of 980 nm. In this paper, novel bi3+/eu3+ co-doped white-emitting germanium-borate glasses were successfully prepared by the melt-quenching method their luminescent properties were evaluated using the transmission spectra, photoluminescence excitation, and emission spectra (with a temperature range of 298-573 k), and lifetime decay curves. The fabricated red light-emitting hybrid device with the cdte x s (1 − x) qds as the phosphor and a blue ingan chip as the excitation source showed a good luminance the commission internationale de l’eclairage coordinates of the light-emitting diode (led) at (066, 029) demonstrated a red led. A novel eu 3+ -doped garnet-type tellurate red-emitting phosphor with high thermal stability and color purity huajuan deng , zhiwen gao , na xue , jung hyun jeong , ruijin yu journal of luminescence 2017 . Trivalent lanthanide (eu3+, tb3+ and dy3+) ions activated tunable color emitting bagd2o4 (bg) phosphors were synthesized by a facile pechini-type sol–gel process the x-ray diffraction pattern confirmed the orthorhombic phase after annealing at 1300 °c for 5 h.

Li, li fu, shaoke zheng, yifei li, chen chen, peng xiang, guotao jiang, sha and zhou, xianju 2018 near-ultraviolet and blue light excited sm 3+ doped lu 2 moo 6 phosphor for potential solid state lighting and temperature sensing. Are you zhiguo xia register this author 59publications-reads charge transfer, local structure, and the inductive effect in rare-earth-doped inorganic solids ce-doped garnet phosphors: composition modification, luminescence properties and applications novel red-emitting ba2tb(bo3)2cl:eu phosphor with efficient energy transfer for. A novel red-emitting phosphor nalati2o6:eu3+has been synthesized by a high-temperature solid-state reaction x-ray powder diffraction analysis and ft-ir spectra confirmed the phase formation of. Eu3+ doped and eu3+, yb3+ co-doped gd3ga5o12 phosphors have been developed by facile solid state reaction method which can be easily scaled-up in large quantity the synthesis has been optimized to get a single phase material at 1300 °c the phase and crystal parameters have been analyzed by using x-ray diffraction measurement.

Novel eu3 doped garnet tpye tellurate red emitting phosphor

A light-emitting device, according to an exemplary embodiment of the invention, comprises a blue-emitting led covered with a phosphor-containing covering, the phosphor-containing covering containing green-emitting phosphors and red-emitting phosphors, said green and red phosphors being excitable by said blue-emitting led. White light-emitting diodes of sla red-phosphors and commercial y3al5o12:ce3+ yellow-phosphor on a blue-ingan chip were shown high color rendition (cri = 89, r9= 69) and low correlated color temperature of 2406 k. A deep red line emitting oxyfluoride phosphor, eg 35mgo05mgf 2geo 2: mn 4+ (mfg) can be used in led lamps, but with considerable impact to ler, due to much of its emission occurring too far in the red region of the spectrum (beyond 650 nm.

  • Solid state light (ssl) sources for the generation of warm-white light most commonly comprise a blue emitting (in,ga)n semiconductor equipped with a luminescent screen comprising a green to yellow emitting garnet or ortho-silicate type phosphor and a red emitting eu2+-activated luminescent material.
  • One step combustion synthesis of compounds in eu3+ activated y2o3–al2o3 system using mixed fuel pjyadav, ndmeshram, cpjoshi, the emission spectrum of eu3+ doped yap phosphor is dominated by red emission due to 5d 0-7f 2 transition without inversion symmetry the pl spectrum of doped phosphors are commonly used as red emitting.

A novel phosphor namely cala2zno5 doped with eu3+ ions were prepared by conventional solid state reaction method we have studied and optimized various constraints like sintering temperature, sintering time and dopant concentration. Novel blue-emitting phosphor - cascalsio6:eu2+: synthesis, luminesce and applications for white light-emitting diode (invited) department of chemical engineering, chung yuan christian university, chungli, taiwan 32023, roc. Eu 2+ activated fluorophosphate ba 3 gdna(po 4) 3 f (bgnpf) with blue and red double-color emitting samples were prepared via a solid-state method in a reductive atmosphere their. In this paper the luminescence of the scheelite-based cagd2(1-x)eu2x(wo4)4 solid solutions is investigated as a function of the eu content and temperature all phosphors show intense red luminescence due to the 5d0 – 7f2 transition in eu3+, along with other transitions from the 5d1 and 5d0 excited states for high eu3+ concentrations the intensity ratio of the emission originating from the.

Novel eu3 doped garnet tpye tellurate red emitting phosphor
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